4 in 1

4 in 1

As parents we always want eyes on our children. That’s why we are appreciative of those products capable of making our lives easier and allowing us to enjoy our children with the highest peace of mind.

At Babyhome we know this very well. This is why we offer you a product capable of adapting for use for all baby and toddler stages, from day one. This allows you to focus on what really matters: living all those amazing and memorable parenthood changes and moments.


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  • VidaPlus Purple
  • VidaPlus Sand
  • VidaPlus Black
  • VidaPlus Black to black
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Optionales Zubehör

Canopy extender 4 en 1

Erweitert die Größe des Verdecks, indem es die Fläche des Schattens vergrößert, die das Verdeck schafft. UV-Schutz 50+

Technische Spezifikationen

108 cm 92 cm
108 cm 50 cm
96 cm 47 cm


New York Family Strollers