At Babyhome we want to answer all the questions you might have, so we have developed our own customer service. Here you can find all the frequently asked questions about Babyhome and our products and get a quick, easy answer to any question you might have.

General information

How do I attach the accessories?

You can download a user’s manual here which contains instructions on how to attach the accessories.

Can I purchase products directly from Babyhome?

No. Babyhome has a network of shops that sell our products and can recommend the best product depending on your needs. They will also provide you with guidance on how to use the products. In the section of the website called Shops, you can find the distributor nearest to you.

The Babyhome product I have is no longer sold. Are spare parts and accessories available?

Due to constant innovation, once a product is no longer being manufactured the accessories remain available until stocks run out. To verify the availability of any accessory, inquire at your nearest shop.

How can I find out whether a Babyhome accessory is compatible with my Babyhome product?

You can check what accessories are compatible with your Babyhome product in the webpage of the product you are looking for, in Products.

Can I travel with my Babyhome product?

Yes, all Babyhome products are designed for travel. Their light weight, compact folding and travel bags make them easy to transport.

How should I clean Babyhome products?

The aluminium skeleton should be cleaned with a soft, moistened cloth, and then you can use a dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture. To clean the fabric pieces or foam handlebars, use a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and a bit of liquid soap, and gently rub the part that needs cleaning. Eliminate any soap residue and try not to get them too wet.

I am interested in a Babyhome product but I don’t know whether it is in stock.

You should first find out whether a product is still being manufactured by checking our website or any Babyhome point of sale. If the product is not part of the current collection or if stocks are depleted, you can request the product at the shop.

I am concerned that my child is not in the recommended age/weight range.

The age for using Wave ranges from 0 months to 9 kg / 20 Lb. The maximum recommended weight is 9 kg /20 LB.

You can download the instructions to do it here

How can I find out the nearest Babyhome point of sale?

In the section of the website called Shops, you can find the distributor nearest to you.

Is it very hard to assemble a Babyhome product? How are they assembled?

No. The assembly process for all products is very simple and intuitive and requires no tools. You can download the assembly on the text below or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

I am concerned that my child is not in the recommended age/weight range.

The age for using Dream ranges approximately between birth and 6 months. Dream should be used until the baby can sit up, crawl or stand up by him- or herself. At that time, s/he should be moved to a crib.


How many days does it take to repair a product?

That depends, but it will usually take 15 to 20 days.

Can I get my Babyhome product repaired?

Yes. Babyhome has its own repair service. To use this service you must go to the point of sale where you purchased the product; otherwise you should contact the authorised distributor in each country.

Can I get a Babyhome product repaired outside the warranty period?

Yes. You should take it to the point of sale and you will receive an estimate depending on the repair.

How can I file a claim under the warranty?

Warranty claims can be filed at the point of sale, as long as you attached the sales receipt.

How long does the warranty last and what does it cover?

As the manufacturer, Babyhome guarantees to repair its products during a two-year warranty period from the original purchase date, in accordance with the European legislation currently in force. Any damage caused by improper use or failure to comply with the safety norms for installation and maintenance described on the instruction sheets accompanying the products is excluded from this warranty. The warranty is considered automatically nullified if the item purchased has been repaired or handled by individuals that were not authorised by the manufacturer or importer. Nor does the manufacturer accept any responsibility for damage to items that it did not supply itself. Any changes to or deterioration in the items caused by normal use (wear and tear) are not covered by the warranty.

If the shop where I purchased the product closes, where I can get it repaired?

In this case, you should go to the closest point of sale for Babyhome products. You can check the points of sale here.


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