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What is the best way to protect my child from the sun?

The canopy provides extra protection from the sun. To provide further protection, you can use the accessory called the Canopy Extender, which increases the length of the canopy. There are also other accessories with UV protection, such as the Sun umbrella, which provide total protection by covering the entire chair. We at Babyhome recommend combining it with the regular application of sunscreen and with clothing that protects against the sun on the hottest days.

Can the Emotion be used as a twin pushchair?

No. The Emotion is designed as a pushchair for a single child aged 6 to 36 months (starting at birth with the Egg0+).

I am concerned that my child is not in the recommended age/weight range.

The age for using Emotion ranges between 6 and 36 months. By incorporating a 0+ group, the age range extends from birth to 36 months.

How is the Emotion assembled?

You can download the user’s manual which contains the assembly instructions on the text below or check this video, which contains instructions on how to assemble it.

Can I put the removable fabric on the Emotion in the washing machine? What about in the dryer?

You can't put the fabric pieces in the washing machine. You should always follow the washing instructions in order to properly maintain your Emotion. You should never place them in the dryer. washing_instructions_polyester

How do I attach the accessories?

You can download a user’s manual which contains instructions on how to attach the accessories on the text below.

Can I remove the strap from the handlebars of my Emotion?

This strap is another safety measure, and in some countries it must be used. We recommend keeping it on at all times for the sake of your child’s wellbeing.

What car seats can I use with the Emotion?

The car seat that fits the Emotion the best is the Egg0+, since it comes in the same style as the pushchair and is available in the entire Emotion range of colours. However, other brands like MaxiCosi, Cybex and Gracco manufacture adaptors for some chairs in the 0+ group.

What is the maintenance kit that comes with the Emotion for?

The maintenance kit should be used to maintain the wheels in an optimal condition of use and lubrication. Download the user’s instructions on the text below.

How to remove seat cover from Emotion stroller?

You can download here the instructions to remove the Emotion seat cover.

User manual

Download the user manual here

User manual

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