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Can I use the Dream as a mini-cradle on trips?

Yes, you can thanks to its light weight, compact and easy folding and the included travel bag. You should always follow the recommended age range for using this product.

How is Dream assembled?

You can download the user’s manual which contains the assembly instructions on the text below or watch this video, which contains instructions on how to assemble it.

How can I change the leg positions?

To change the leg position, life the trigger with one hand and rotate the horizontal part of the leg with your foot until it reaches the position you want (wheels, rocker or stationary). The assembly video and the user instructions (below) show this movement with an explanation.

Are there accessories for the Dream?

Yes. Dream has its own accessories such as additional fitted sheets and a waterproof chenille mattress protector. Check here for the accessories.

What is the recommended age/weight range?

Dream should only be used from birth until a child is able to pull herself up.

Can I use sheets from other brands?

Yes. The Dream mattress is 30 4/5 x 23 x 1 inch. Any sheets the same size as the mattress may be used with the Dream.

Please, read these care instructions before using

Babyhome USA takes product safety very seriously. We design and manufacture all products to comply with all applicable product safety standards, including those issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC ). When textile components are cleaned and not dried completely, it is possible that mold could develop. Babyhome USA encourages con- sumers to make sure that all textile components, included with the Dream or Air bassinets, are inspected regularly and dried completely whenever it is cleaned. We also encourage consumers to follow the care instructions for the textile components of our products. We urge our customers to contact our customer service department with regard to these kind of issues and are committed to maintaining the highest standards in customer satisfaction.

User manual

Download the user manual here

User manual

How to use

Watch Dream videos here

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